Client remarks

“Ashley’s attention to detail and knowledge of anatomy and movement is phenomenal; even in a group she is able to observe keenly and help identify potentially helpful or hurtful exercises. Other practitioners (physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors) had not been able to individualize their recommendations often leading to exacerbation of my condition.”

Elissa Hallen, RN

“I started pilates about 15 years ago as I was learning how to cope with a serious work- related upper back injury. I first encountered Ashley’s teaching in a group mat class. She was perhaps the 5th teacher for that particular class over several years. She was the one that made the difference!”

Elissa Hallen, RN

“I was a student of Ashley’s group classes for eight-plus years and was addicted to her class. It wasn’t just me who was addicted: most of the students in our class stuck with this class over the years. Ashley made Pilates easy and fun. To this day I still use her regimen of exercises in my own Pilates gym and incorporate them into my (near) everyday routine.”

Elissa Hambrecht, Entrepreneur

“I started Pilates with Ashley a long time ago, first in a mat class and then later with the Pilates reformer. I was looking for help with strength and balance, for mind as well as body. However I was fearful about being able to “perform” adequately and to keep up with more advanced students. In my previous Pilates classes the instructors basically demonstrated and led a class as a whole in exercises. Ashley also demonstrated and her grace and skill were amazing, but that was just the beginning. She taught the meaning and goals of every activity, the strengths that it developed, and their importance. She has a sophisticated understanding of human anatomy and physiology and applies it to each student, monitoring form and addressing any unique physical issues that affected learning. With Ashley, I developed more strength and confidence than I ever expected, as well as a kind of body-mind awareness that was a gift for life. Ashley is a master teacher and a wonderful person.”

Linda Chafetz, RN, PhD, Professor, UCSF

“Ashley’s teaching is effective, innovative, and interesting. I apply the exercises and principles that I have learned in her workshops regularly in my Pilates and Yoga classes. I highly recommend her courses.”

Brian Routhier, Pilates/Yoga Instructor

Why work with Ashley one-on-one? Ashley Beldon is an extraordinarily wise and gifted teacher. She gives clear, easy-to follow instructions, and her work-outs are 100% customized to my needs. I honestly think she knows my body better than I do!”

Carla Ruff, Publishing Consultant

“I began working with Ashley six years ago. I’ve always been physical — running marathons, lifting weights, hiking, and swimming. But I’ve also had my share of injuries — runners’ knees, frozen shoulders, and tennis elbow. Ashley helped me gain a better understanding of my body and how it works, isolating muscles and focusing movements to avoid injuries and strengthen not just core muscles, but those in my arms and legs as well. She has a healer’s touch, a teacher’s patience, and an intuitive sense of what my body needs at any given moment!”

–Rozanne Junker

“Ashley is a trainer of the body, mind and spirit. I came to her 10 years ago with an iron work ethic that left me stressed out and out-of-shape. Now, I not only have iron abs, glutes and quads, but I have learned a “work-out ethic” that has enabled me to advance in my career through using exercise and breathing in place of the self-defeating tools I previously used to deal with stress.”

Susan Stern, Writer and Filmmaker

“Ashley’s ability to find a balance between the push towards increasing a client’s physical fitness with the understanding of individual limitations resulted in improved function and more controlled pain.  First she helped me figure out what exercises might be causing problems. Then she helped me identify functional ways around daily activities with the same movements. Finally she helped me strengthen without injury. The cessation of the series of re-injuries that had plagued me the 10 years since the accident was the reward.”

Elissa Hallen, RN

“I have been lucky in my 55 years to seek and find many exceptional teachers and mentors. Yet I can declare – unequivocally — that Ashley Beldon has been the best of them all. She listened and observed, and then taught me how to understand myself. To say she is an amazing Pilates trainer is almost meaningless. It would be like placing an ounce of gold in your palm when, in fact, I have mined a whole mountainside of gold! If you’ve found Ashley, you’ve struck it rich! Eureka!”

Cynthia Cummins, Founder of KindredHomes SF

“Ashley’s openness and support meant so much to me. She was my teacher and guide on my journey back to core strength and better posture.”

Randi Myrseth, MFT

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